Kanye West interviews Kim Kardashian about fame “addiction” and the media

"We are constantly in the news, and sometimes we end up reading unpleasant things about ourselves"

Kanye West has conducted a new interview with his wife Kim Kardashian, in which she discusses the impact that fame, wealth and the media have had on their lives together.

For the first time ever, the rapper has interviewed the model and media star for Vogue Arabia. During which, West puts it to his wife that fame can be considered an “addiction”.

“I do agree that fame can be addictive and it took me a long time to recognise how lost you can become when you put too much focus on it,” Kardashian-West replied. “People often ask me, ‘Money or fame?’ My focus has always been on success, and with success comes money.


“I’m at this place now where I am not concerned anymore about fame but if you would have asked me this question 10 years ago, I probably would have said that fame and money were of equal importance. My focus has shifted a lot.”

When Kanye asked if she’s now more concerned with money rather than fame, she replied: “Money was always the goal but I was obsessed with fame, like, embarrassingly obsessed. I have the funniest stories from 15, 20 years ago that I have no shame in sharing because I was younger and it was who I was at the time.”

She continued: “My goals were so much lower than what I have been able to achieve. Now that I have beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of beyond my wildest imagination, I can say without question that the fame isn’t important to me. But I do recognise and appreciate that fame has given me the biggest platform.”

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West then puts to his wife that, “We are constantly in the news, and sometimes we end up reading unpleasant things about ourselves. Does it affect you?”, to which Kardashian-West reveals: “When it’s about my family, I get really protective. Most of the time when things are so baseless or absurd, I have a good laugh. But as far as dealing with it on a daily level for me, I’m pretty content. I


“f it’s about you, or the kids, or my sisters, I can get worked up when I read things that are false or negative. But when it’s about me, I’ve learned how to block out the noise for the most part.”

Meanwhile, Kanye West recently surprised fans with the surprise announcement of his new album ‘Jesus Is King‘ – while the world still awaits the long-awaited ‘Yeezus’ follow-up ‘Yhandi’.

‘Jesus Is King’ is out September 27. See the tracklisting below.

01. ‘Glade’
02. ‘Garden’
03. ‘Seleh’
04. ‘God Is’
05. ‘Baptized’
06. ‘Sierra Canyon’
07. ‘Hands On’
08. ‘Wake the Dead’
09. ‘Water’
10. ‘Through the Valley’
11. ‘Sunday’
12. ‘Sweet Jesus’