Kanye West might release a version of ‘Lift Yourself’ with actual lyrics

Maybe with less "Poopy-di scoop"...?

Pusha T has claimed that a version of Kanye West‘s ‘Lift Yourself’ with actual lyrics exists.

In April, West made headlines after releasing the divisive track, which includes the rapper scatting: “Poopy-di scoop / Scoop-diddy-whoop / Whoop-di-scoop-di-poop”.

Pusha’s new album ‘Daytona’ was produced by West, with the track ‘What Would Meek Do?’ seeing Kanye open his guest verse with the lyrics: “Whoop, scoop! / Whoop! Whoopty-whoop!”


Pusha has now indicated that Kanye’s new album could include a poop-free version of ‘Lift Yourself’. He told The Breakfast Club: “The ‘Lift Yourself’ beat is so fire, and I think that shows his level of confidence and arrogance.”

“Listen, it’s a real single that even has real other lyrics to it, so on and so forth, and he’s like ‘Yo, nah, I’mma show you. You know what? I’mma throw this out and show them what I think of all that. It’s nothing.'”

Meanwhile, Pusha T has been embroiled in a beef with Drake over the past few days.

Pusha T’s new album ‘Daytona’ features numerous subliminal shots at his fellow rapper. On then song ‘Infrared’, Pusha mocks Drake over his alleged use of a ghostwriter. “It was written like Nas/ But it came from Quentin,” he raps, alluding to Quentin Miller, the man exposed by Meek Mill as an apparent ghostwriter for Drake.

Drake hit back with a diss track called ‘Duppy Freestyle’, in which he fires back: “Don’t push me when I’m in album mode, you’re not even top five as far as your label talent goes”.


Drake also disses Kanye West on the track, implying that he has ghostwritten for Kanye and rapping, “What do you really think of the n***a that’s making your beats?/ I’ve done things for him I thought he never would need/ Father had to stretch his hands out and get it from me/ I pop style for 30 hours, then let him repeat.”

On the track, the Toronto rapper also says that he should send an invoice for adding to the publicity surrounding Pusha’s album. He later actually sent a $100,000 invoice for “career reviving”.

Nicki Minaj has since defended Drake, tweeting: “Challenging the chosen ones only awakens the sleeping giant”.