Can you guess who Kanye West wants to play him in a biopic?

And his choice is suitably maverick

Kanye West has named the actor he wants to play him in a biopic.

West’s suitably maverick choice emerged in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel’s chatshow Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Danny McBride, creator of Eastbound & Down and Vice Principals for HBO, said West had asked him to play the rapper.


McBride recalled how he spent “a crazy day” with West after receiving a call out of the blue from the musician.

After initially dismissing the call as a prank, McBride met West at his home in South Carolina. “It was a summer day, and Kanye was on my boat in a heavy-duty sweatshirt and sweatpants,” said McBride.

West eventually told McBride he’d wanted to meet the actor/comedian to discuss playing him in a biopic he was planning about his life.

“Yes, he wanted me to play him,” said McBride.

Kimmel joked: “If this project goes forward, I’d like to play Kim Kardashian opposite your Kanye.”


McBride was appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote The Righteous Gemstones, the latest series he’s created for HBO.

The series follows three generations of famous televangelist preachers, who mix charity with greed and deviance.

McBride stars in the series opposite Edi Patterson – who played Ms Abbott in Vice Principals – and Roseanne actor John Goodman.

News of West’s intentions to create a biopic about his life follows revelations that he has tried to trademark the phrase “Sunday Service” for a range of merchandise to tie in with his long-running gospel-inspired live sessions. In the same trademark request, West also asked to get copyright on the phrase “Half Beast”.

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