Kanye West paid $85,000 to put Whitney Houston’s drug-ridden bathroom on the cover of Pusha T’s album

"He wasn't feeling it".

Kanye West reportedly spent $85,000 on a photo of Whitney Houston’s drug-ridden bathroom so it could be used for the cover of Pusha T’s latest album.

The photo was reportedly taken at the height of Houston’s issues with addiction in 2006, and was purchased after Kanye became unhappy with the album’s original cover.

‘He wasn’t feeling it,’ Pusha T told DJ Angie Martinez.

‘The [original] artwork was pictures that we all agreed on,” he said, confirming that West had picked the photographer.

‘We picked the pictures. Great. We love it. Everything is good.’

But after West grew disillusioned with the cover of ‘Daytona’, he instead opted to use the 2006 photo – which sees various drugs strewn across the bathroom and spray-painted figures on the walls.

Meanwhile, Pusha T recently opened up about his stance on Kanye West‘s political views, revealing that he’s ‘totally against’ them and disagrees with West ‘all the time’.

‘It’s just another one of many things we disagree on. We disagree all the time. It’s just a stance that I have. I’m totally against it’, he admitted.