Kanye West producer Mike Dean hits back at Desiigner’s ‘Panda’ beatmaker

Menace, the producer behind 'Panda', had alleged that Dean and Future had put in separate copyright claims over the beat

Noted Kanye West producer Mike Dean has responded to claims made by Menace, the producer behind the beat for Desiigner‘s hit single ‘Panda’, by warning him to “get [his] facts straight before he speaks on my name.”

Dean’s name was brought up in a recent interview Menace gave to DJBooth where he alleged that Future and Dean had filed separate copyright infringement claims on the beat which became ‘Panda’. Menace also threw shade at West, who sampled ‘Panda’ on ‘The Life of Pablo’, by saying that West “is a funny one when it comes to paying people money.”

While Future’s representatives have told Pitchfork that Menace’s comments are “not true”, Dean has provided a statement to XXL to address the Manchester producer’s claims that Dean “put a claim in as well, saying that he did something to the beat and he never did.”


Dean confirmed that he did put a claim in, but that “I let the claim go because I have better shit to do than fight with people over BS.”

“[Menace] lost the stems to the beat,” Dean said. “It had some samples in the original from a film. I recreated some of the stems enough to patch up the beat and remove the samples. I was gonna recreate the whole beat then I found a way to keep it. Major labels don’t play with samples not being cleared. The song would never have come out or cleared legal at Def Jam. If that’s nothing, then he’s right. He should have better file management skills if he works at an electronics repair shop.

“He should get facts straight before he speaks on my name,” the producer continued. “Hope he enjoys the bread and appreciates what I did to help him make $$. That’s about it. Menace, put some respek on my name.

“And thank god Mike Dean removed your samples, youngin. Should throw me a few points from his pocket my way, but I am doing ok with or without the ‘Panda’ bread.”


Back in January, Dean became embroiled in a number of spats with Twitter users who had apparently confused him with his namesake – prominent Premier League referee Mike Dean.