Kanye West reveals new release date for ‘Yandhi’, with help from Kim Kardashian

"It is worth the wait". Apparently.

Kanye West has pushed back the release of ‘Yandhi’ to Black Friday, at least according to his wife Kim Kardashian.

West’s latest album was scheduled for release on September 29 to coincide with his appearance on the series premiere of Saturday Night Live. However, the new music never materialised. Instead, it was his off-air comments in favour of Donald Trump that grabbed headlines and prompted Lana Del Ray to comment on West’s Instagram.

Today (October 1), Kardashian posted an update on Twitter, writing: “Nov 23 Black Friday YANDHI TRUST ME it is worth the wait”, followed by a stream of emojis that included screamy face, kissy face, splash, dollar bag, crown, fire, film camera, lips, tongue, clapping hands, heart eyes, a plug and starry eyes. What can it all mean?


The rapper also explained to TMZ today that he’s had to push the release date back for the new record because he needs to finish recording it in Africa.

West had previously shared an official preview of ‘Yandhi’ with the (now-passed) release date and a clip where he is singing in falsetto. The record is also said to feature controversial rappers 6ix9ine and XXXTentacion

Ye performed an unprecedented three songs on SNL and was joined by Teyana Taylor for ‘We Got Love’, and Kid Cudi and 070 Shake for ‘Ghost Town’. He also performed his recent hit ‘I Love It’ with Lil Pump, dressed as water bottles.

Watch the ‘I Love It’ performance below:



Recently, Kanye West said he wants to play peacemaker between Colin Kaepernick and Donald Trump and arrange a meeting at the White House. The US president was critical of Kaepernick and his fellow NFL players when a number of them refused to stand for the US national anthem in 2016.