Kanye West responds to cancelled tour countersuit

He denies his tour insurer's claims, following 'Life of Pablo' tour cancellation.

Kanye West has responded to countersuit claims from his tour insurers, Lloyd’s of London.

As previously reported by NME, the rapper cancelled the remainder of his Saint Pablo tour last November, following a concert in Sacramento where he controversially cut his set short after just 30 minutes following an onstage rant.

West was later hospitalised and it was reported that he was suffering from “temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration.”

It was subsequently revealed back in August that West was suing an insurance company after it allegedly refused to pay out over the cancellation. The claim is valued at $10 million (£7,365,744).

The insurers then countersued, citing the insurer’s policies surrounding “preexisting psychological condition, possession of illegal drugs, prescription drugs not taken as medically prescribed, and the consumption of alcohol rendering the insured unfit to perform.”

They suggest that West’s drug use may have caused the medical condition that caused him to cancel the tour.

West’s team have now responded, denying the countersuit claims.

In court documents obtained and uploaded by Pitchfork, his team say the reasons Lloyds have given for withholding insurance payments are not legitimate, saying: “The Counterclaim should be withdrawn or stricken”.

Meanwhile, it looks like Kanye and Jay-Z could soon be meeting to sort out their ongoing legal battle over Tidal.

West parted ways with Jay’s streaming service Tidal this summer due to a dispute over money.