Kanye West reportedly ready to return to touring in 2018 with new stage set-up

The floating stage of 2016's Saint Pablo tour will be "improved or replaced", according to reports

Kanye West is reportedly ready to return to touring in 2018.

The rapper was hospitalised last year, where he was taken to UCLA Medical Centre – when it was reported that he was suffering form ‘severe sleep deprivation’ and refused to go to hospital voluntarily, but had to be restrained for transport. Doctors diagnosed him with “temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration.”

He had previously cancelled the remainder of his ‘Saint Pablo’ tour, after a concert in Sacramento where he controversially cut his set short after just 30 minutes following a lengthy tirade against Beyonce, claiming that her husband and West’s former friend and collaborator Jay Z had the means to have him killed.


Now TMZ is reporting that Live Nation, the promoters behind the Saint Pablo tour, have been in talks with West’s team and are “ready to jump as soon as he gives the green light”.

The site cites sources saying West is physically and mentally healthy again, and is focused, engaged and has overcome the issues that led to his hospitalisation.

Should West resume touring next year, the floating stage that was a central part of his 2016 tour will either be improved or replaced, while the show’s set list is also said to be improved.

Meanwhile, Paul McCartney has spoken about the “intriguing process” of making music with the rapper.

The Beatles legend collaborated with the rap icon on West’s singles ‘Only One’, ‘All Day’ and ‘FourFiveSeconds’, which also featured Rihanna.


Recalling how their collaboration came about, McCartney told Tim Minchin in a Facebook live chat: “I got a phone call and my manager said, ‘Kanye West would like to work with you.’ And I go, ‘Yeah, we’ll do it.’ I was a little bit nervous at first, because I thought it could go horribly wrong. But I was intrigued to see what he was up to and how he did it.”

“And it was a very intriguing process,” McCartney continued. “You basically don’t write songs. You basically just talk and noodle a bit and you record it all on your phone. And then he goes away. And that’s basically his record. But it was great doing it because I don’t work like that.”

McCartney also compared elements of West’s process to The Beatles’ experimental methods when making ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ – their classic album which recently turned 50 years old.