You may think Kanye’s shoes are too small, but he’s just wearing them “the Japanese way”

It's called fashion....

Kanye West has offered an explanation after he faced online mockery for wearing his Yeezy slides in a size too small.

The rapper was initially seen sporting the unusual footwear as he attended 2 Chainz’ wedding in Miami with his wife Kim Kardashian earlier this month.

The pool sliders then made another appearance in a video posted to Kardashian’s Instagram story which sees her zooming in on her husband’s shoes, before jokingly asking, “The real question is, do those fit?”


But Kanye’s now had his chance to explain the footwear by posting a complex diagram to Twitter.

He wrote: “The Japanese way”, alongside two photos that explain the logic behind his bizarre footwear.

“The straps should be snug but not too tight between the two toes”, one instruction states.

Another reads: “Your heel should extend 1-2cm off the back of the wooden sole”.


Despite the explanation, some fans still weren’t entirely convinced. One wrote on Twitter: “He’s really trying to justify himself wearing slides too small for his feet… Interesting that it took him like two weeks to find this.”

Another argued: “Referring to using my girlfriend’s slides to take the trash out as “the Japanese way” from now on”.

Meanwhile, Kanye fans briefly celebrated last week after ‘Watch The Throne’ briefly returned to Spotify.

The 2011 collaborative album with Jay-Z mysteriously returned to the platform on Friday (August 24) without any announcement, before being quietly removed again.

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