Kanye West is taking ‘Project Wyoming’ on the road

He's taking the 'Ye' listening party to more cities

Kanye West has announced more listening party events for his latest album ‘Ye‘, as takes Project Wyoming on the road.

West surprise released his eighth album last week, after it was played to the public for the first time at a listening session in Jackson Hole, Wyoming – with the whole event streamed to the world via the WAV app. It was attended by the likes of Chris Rock, Nas, Jonah Hill, Candace Owens and many more.

Now, as well as sharing new official footage from last week’s Wyoming Party, West’s website now details three more #ProjectWyoming events at the below dates. Specific locations within the cities are yet to revealed and details of what the events will involve are scarce, but tickets available via DICE.


Meanwhile, Drake‘s mentor J Prince has claimed that the rapper had a track ready in response to Pusha-T‘s recent diss that could have been “career-ending” for Kanye West.

Prince also said that he had spoken with Kanye on the phone about the feud and that the pair agreed that it “could’ve damaged a whole lot of livelihoods where people are concerned.” On the unreleased Drake diss, Prince said that Kanye “would’ve been twisted with this one. It wouldn’t have been good for Pusha either.”

Kanye West

Kanye West

Reviewing ‘ye’, NME concluded: “It lacks the profundity of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and the audacity of 808s or Yeezus, but there’s still something quite pleasurable in seeing Kanye West – modern music’s most abrasive personality – with his guard down, seeming like less of a deity for 23 minutes. ‘ye’ is succinct and easy to swallow, but those aren’t necessarily the hallmarks of Kanye at the top of his game.

“Nobody can deny this mini album flirts with brilliance, and feels like a pop cultural moment straight out the gate; we just wish there was a little more to it.”