Kanye West trolled by Burger King after he reveals that McDonald’s is his favourite restaurant

"Eyes still closed"

Burger King has poked fun at Kanye West after he announced that McDonald’s is his favourite place to eat a meal.

The fast-food giant’s marketing team took to Twitter yesterday (November 4) to call the rapper out for praising its big rival.

Burger King bit back with “eyes still closed I guess”, seemingly in reference to West’s claims that his eyes are now “wide open” as he distances himself from politics.


West announced recently that he was refocusing on his creativity after he was “used” to “spread messages [he doesn’t] believe in”.

But Burger King played on his comments, inferring that he is blind to the idea that they are the superior fast-food chain.
The UK arm of the chain also chimed in, responding to ‘Ye’s’ Tweet: “Explains a lot”

According to The Sun, reports made around the time of West and Kim Kardashian’s wedding in 2014 claimed that the rapper had bought as many as 10 European branches of Burger King as a wedding gift for his new wife.

Meanwhile, West has made another large donation to the campaign of Chicago mayoral candidate Amara Enyia. ‘Ye’ joins Chance the Rapper in supporting Enyia, who is running for election in February 2019.

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