Kanye West wants new album ‘Donda 2’ played everywhere from childbirths to funerals, says producer

Digital Nas is one of five producers working on the "monk-like" new album

One of the key producers on Kanye West‘s forthcoming 11th studio album, ‘Donda 2’, has said the rapper envisions the album being played at momentous occasions – including births and funerals.

Digital Nas – not to be confused with Lil Nas X or Nas, both of whom have also worked with West – was brought to West’s attention via fashion designer Mowalola Ogunlesi, and ended up with two tracks on ‘Donda’: ‘Junya’ and ‘Remote Control’.

Now, Digital Nas is one of five producers that have been working on ‘Donda 2’ – alongside Mike Dean, DJ Premier, DJ Khaled and West himself – and has spoken about working on the new album in an interview with Rolling Stone. In it, Nas mentions that West wanted the songs to sound “more monk-like”, and for Nas to “simplify” the production.


“These are the directives for the album: ‘If it cannot be played at a funeral, childbirth, graduation [or] a wedding, it will not be on our record,'” said the 23-year-old producer.

“We learned a lot from ‘Donda 1’ [sic]. We learned what hit. We learned what was sticking. So we took [it] from there.”

Nas expressed particular excitement about a song West recorded with the album’s executive producer Future, as well as some beats that were played in the studio by Travis Scott. The news of more potential collaborators comes following West being spotted in the studio with several different artists since the release of ‘Donda’: Post Malone, Fleet Foxes‘ Robin Pecknold, Scarface and Blueface.

Digital Nas will release a new studio album, ‘DN3’, this Friday (February 4). ‘Donda 2’ is still scheduled for release on February 22 – ie. 2/2/22.

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