Kanye West’s second ‘DONDA’ event was Apple Music’s most-watched livestream ever

The rapper and producer's new album has still yet to arrive

Kanye West‘s second ‘DONDA’ listening event last week was reportedly Apple Music’s biggest-ever livestream.

The rapper and producer held the second event last Thursday (August 5) to preview his upcoming new album, which has still yet to emerge.

West also livestreamed from a dressing room at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta ahead of the show, with fans able to watch him recording, exercising and sleeping for a number of hours.


According to Billboard, the livestream of West’s second listening event attracted 5.4 million viewers on Apple Music, which set a new record for the streaming service.

That figure is up on the 3.3 million people who tuned in to watch West’s first listening event at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium on July 22, which broke the existing livestream record at the time.

Billboard also cite sources who claim that West made $7 million (£5 million) from in-person merch sales during the second ‘DONDA’ event.

West has yet to announce a new release date for ‘DONDA’, though Apple Music currently lists the arrival date as being tomorrow (August 13).


It was rumoured earlier this week that West and his team were moving to another stadium to finish work on ‘DONDA’, although his collaborator KayCyy – who sparked the rumours on Monday (August 9) with the tweet “we moving to another stadium” – subsequently claimed that his Twitter account was hacked.

“You hackers gotta stop,” KayCyy wrote. “4 of my tweets were hacks … I will not be on Twitter anymore for the rest of the week.

“‘We moving to another stadium’ is a cap [a lie],” he clarified.