Kanye West’s $55 Sunday Service brunch draws Fyre Fest comparisons

Were the original caterers closed on Sunday?

Kanye West‘s Sunday Service has come under fire after images of an extremely paltry-looking brunch, reportedly selling for $55 a plate, were posted on social media.

According to reports in The Daily Mail, the brunch consisted of a Styrofoam plate of lukewarm pancakes, bacon, sausage, and grits; while Kanye’s Friday night (November 1) performance at Baton Rouge, Louisiana was not charged, many fans felt the extortionate meal price was unacceptable given its poor quality. Attendees posted various photos of the disappointing meal on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag ‘#Brunchella’, and several people likened the food served to that of the notorious Fyre Fest debacle in 2017.


In addition to the food issues, Kanye arrived late to the event; turning up well after 8pm to an event that was scheduled to begin at 6pm.

Following the release of his new, gospel-heavy album ‘Jesus Is King’, Kanye made headlines again recently by claiming that the $68 million tax refund he received this year was a gift from God.

“God is using me to show off,” West told James Corden. “Last year I made $115 million and still ended up $35 million in debt. This year I looked up and I just got $68 million returned to me on my tax returns. People need to hear [from] someone that has been put into debt by the system, talk about these type of numbers now that they’re in service to Christ.”


In reality, it seems that divine intervention isn’t to thank for the huge sum – it’s instead the result of a tax-break introduced by West’s close friend Donald Trump.

None of the rapper’s recent controversies have dented his album sales, with his latest record expecting to be announced as Number One on the Billboard chart later today (November 3).

In a four-star review of ‘Jesus Is King’, NME said: “‘Water’ epitomises everything that’s great about ‘Jesus Is King’: the sense of community in the backing vocals, the optimism (“The storm may come / But we’ll get through it because of Your love”) and the unshowy production. For perhaps the first time, West sounds like he has nothing to prove.”

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