Hear music from Karen O’s ‘Stop The Virgens’ opera in new online film

The Yeah Yeah Yeah's frontwoman speaks about the making of her first opera in the documentary

A documentary about Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O‘s 2011 opera Stop The Virgens is now available to watch online. Scroll down to view the film.

The Creators Project film tells the story behind the making of Karen’s ‘psycho opera’, which debuted last October in New York. Co-created by Karen and KK Barrett (Where The Wild Things Are, Lost In Translation and directed by Adam Rapp, the show ran for 10 days at St. Ann’s Warehouse. Costumes were designed by Karen’s longtime personal stylist, Christian Joy. Says Karen O in the new two part film:

The experience of making Stop The Virgens, it just completely changed me as an artist. It was, like, the first time I made something that was so euphoric and so free of suffering or frustration or pain.

The film features exclusive footage of Karen performing the song ‘Last Lullaby’ and interviews with the Stop The Virgens team, including Karen’s Yeah Yeah Yeahs bandmate, Nick Zinner.

Karen O also recalls the first rehearsal day for the opera in the film, saying of the 40 other women in the cast: “They ended up circling me and picking me up. It felt like a ritual sacrifice or something, people were crying…. That’s when it dawned on me that I’ve spent 10 years surrounded by 95% men… Everything has been leading up to balancing that 10 years out, with this production.”

Last year Karen O declared that she wants to bring Stop The Virgens to Britain. In an interview with The Independent, the singer claimed she would love the opportunity to stage the show in the UK.

She said: “I would love nothing more than to bring this [the opera] to Britain. I’m dying to bring it to Britain. Stop The Virgens is weak at the knees at the prospect of a British audience.”