Karen O says label boss Julian Casablancas is ‘a fucking amazing guy’

Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer speaks of admiration for Strokes man and label boss

Karen O has called her label boss Julian Casablancas “a fucking amazing guy” and said the pair always “admired each other from afar”.

Speaking in the new issue of NME, which is on newsstands now and available digitally, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer discussed her debut solo album ‘Crush Songs’, which was released on Casablancas’ Cult Records label in September, as well as her relationship with the Strokes frontman.

“Julian’s honestly so loving and enthusiastic and generous with his support. He wouldn’t let me doubt that I should put this record out, and just took that worry out of my hands,” O said. “We both came out of this same New York school of indie-rock at the same time, like a decade ago, but on different sides of it. I think we both admired each other from afar, but never really knew or had met all that many times, which isn’t what people presume, funnily.”

O also spoke about her nervousness when it came to releasing solo material for the first time and why it took seven years for ‘Crush Songs’ to go from being written to being made public. “Even when the whole thing was a done deal, like two weeks before the record came out, I was having second thoughts, like, ‘No! What am I doing?! Is it too late to put the brakes on?!’ It’s a big thing to bare yourself to the world on your own […] It just took a while to commit to the idea of sharing something so personal.”

She also revealed that during the early years of performing with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, she’d “need, like, four or five margaritas before getting anywhere near a stage. But I didn’t know what to expect the first time. It was all new. Like, uhh, am I supposed to wave my arms around? How do I do this when I’m not leaping around?”

Earlier this year, Karen O revealed the Spike Jonze-directed video for her song ‘Ooo’. The video featured actress Elle Fanning (Super 8, Maleficent) dancing to the song while walking through the wings at the New York Metropolitan Opera House.