Kasabian send love to ‘our Ukrainian brothers and sisters’ in face of unrest

60 people have been killed and hundreds injured in clashes in Kiev

Kasabian‘s Serge Pizzorno has sent his love to the people of the Ukraine, following unrest in the capital Kiev which has seen at least 21 protestors killed in clashes with security forces since the breakdown of yesterday’s truce.

Tweeting from the official Kasabian account, Pizzorno wrote: “Sending love to our Ukrainian brothers and sisters, remembering the privilege we had in playing Kiev’s Olympic Stadium July ’12… Our hearts are with you. Sergio x”.

Protests began in November of last year, when the president of the Ukraine refused to sign a trade deal with the EU. However, the demonstrations became violent and earlier this week many protestors, and it is reported some police, were killed. The Ukranian president has blamed opposition leaders for unrest while the opposition has called for fresh elections. Russia has said that the protests are an attempted coup.

The Ukraine Health Ministry reports that 67 people have been killed this week, with 562 wounded and 69 hospitalised and in a serious condition, writes the Wall Street Journal. An emergency meeting of European foreign ministers took place today in Brussels.