Kasabian to tackle horsemeat scandal on forthcoming album

The track 'Ezz-Ehh' also takes a pop at Google

Kasabian have revealed that a track on their as-yet-untitled new album, due this summer, contains lyrical reference to last year’s horsemeat scandal, in which foods advertised as containing beef on sale in Britain and Europe were found to contain horse meat.

The Leicester band appear on the cover of this week’s NME, which is on newsstands or available digitally now. They top a rundown of 100 albums to look forward to in 2014 containing exclusive studio reports and photos.

The track in question, ‘Ezz-Ehh’ contains the lyrics “Horsemeat in the burgers, people commit murders, everyone’s on bugle, we’re being watched by Google.”

Songwriter and guitarist Serge Pizzorno explained that the song is based on the late-night chats he and singer Tom Meighan have while on tour. He said: “It’s more a conversation that me and Tom might have at five or six in the morning. Ridiculous rants when you think you’re making the most amazing points, and the next morning you’re like… what? I was gonna call it ‘Horsemeat’ but I thought it was a bit ridiculous. But it’s just a bit of a spit, really. There have been so many nights in hotel rooms when me and Tom will stay up all night talking and it’s about that.”

Frontman Meighan said: “It’s a comic. It’s cartoonish. It’s punk. We’ve never done anything like it. It’s trashy. It’s dirty. It’s Leicester.”

Speaking about the album in general, Meighan said that he feels it’s the best thing the band have ever done. “It’s a dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, dangerous drug we’ve created,” he said. “I can’t get my head round it. It’s rock ‘n’ roll, it’s got the rawness and it’s edgy, but we’ve gone back to electronica and we’ve gone beyond leftfield. What else can we do? It’s a silver bullet mate. It’s fantastic.”

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