Kasabian: ‘We’re glad we were nowhere near the Olympic opening ceremony’

Serge Pizzorno says Danny Boyle did the band a favour by not including them in the celebrations

Kasabian say they are glad that they weren’t included in the opening and closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympics.

Speaking to NME, guitarist Serge Pizzorno says he was left cold after Danny Boyle’s four hour ‘Isles Of Wonder’-themed extravaganza, which saw Arctic Monkeys, Paul McCartney, Frank Turner and Two Door Cinema Club’s Alex Trimble take to the stage.

“The opening ceremony, just looking at it, you’re thinking ‘there’s a huge flame…’,” he says. “But to be honest, he [Danny Boyle] did us a favour because I’m kinda glad we’re nowhere near it to be honest.”

Speaking about Sunday’s closing ceremony (August 12), in which Beady Eye, The Who, Muse, Elbow and the Spice Girls featured as part of the ‘Symphony Of British Music’ event, which was pegged as a celebration of the last 50 years of British music, he was also less than enthused.

“The closing ceremony wasn’t the best,” he said. “George Michael did a monster. Playing his new single blew my mind! He’s on his own in the middle of it, lost, looking for his Range Rover!”

Earlier in the day, Pizzorno had dubbed the closing ceremony “am dram” on XFM, likening it to The League of Gentleman‘s earnest travelling theatre company Legz Akimbo.