Kasabian: ‘We shouldn’t be as big as we are’

'You shouldn't get big off a concept record about madness,' says Serge Pizzorno

Kasabian have declared that they shouldn’t be as successful as they are.

The Leicester band have never been afraid of praising themselves in the past, with singer Tom Meighan insisting that they don’t receive enough credit earlier this month, while guitarist Serge Pizzorno recently claimed that they are “built” to headline festivals.

However, in an interview with Shortlist, Pizzorno admitted he was surprised the band had achieved so much popularity given their bizarre influences and career choices.

Making reference to their 2009 album ‘West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum’, he said:

With what we’re into, we shouldn’t really be as big as we are. You shouldn’t get big off a concept record about madness where you’re dressed as a priest on the cover.

The band also dismissed claims that they had taken the place of Oasis since their split. “Maybe we’ve got the same spirit as them, but we’re a different band,” said Meighan. “They were one-offs. A phenomenon.”

Pizzorno, meanwhile, added: “We’re not anything like them. It’s an honour [to be compared to them], because Noel and Liam are why we’re here, but musically we’re nothing like them.”

Kasabian released their fourth album, ‘Velicoraptor!’, in September of this year. You can watch a video of the band talking about the LP by clicking below.