Kasabian say new album is inspired by John Lennon’s chair

Band vow ‘No fucking interludes or any of that shit’ on ’48:13’ follow-up

Kasabian say their new album has been inspired by a concept of John Lennon’s, based on the idea of a chair.

In an interview, Lennon said that rock music was a chair and that musicians could make their own ideal chair.

Kasabian guitarist Serge Pizzorno told Q: “Lennon said The Beatles version of rock & roll was their chair. So I thought ‘Wow, I want to make my version of that chair.’”

After 2014’s experimental ’48:13’ album, Kasabian say the new album – which will be released in autumn – is “going back to our guitar roots,” according to Pizzorno. Tom Meighan said: “Serge played me the demos and I was ‘Fucking hell!’ It’s nothing like ’48:13’. There’s no fucking interludes or any of that shit.”

Meighan said new song ‘Put Your Life On It’ is “As good as ‘Let It Be’ – it’ll make you cry”, while ‘Good Fight’ is “Unbelievable, like a David Bowie song.” Other songs scheduled for the new album include ‘You’re In Love With A Psycho’ and ‘24/7’.

‘Put Your Life On It’ was debuted at Kasabian’s gig at Leicester City’s King Power Stadium show in May, arranged to celebrate the band’s team winning the Premier League title.