Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno: ‘I quit drugs for more than just music’

Guitarist says fatherhood made him give up narcotics

Serge Pizzorno has moved to clear up recent comments about quitting drugs for the sake of Kasabian‘s legacy.

The guitarist has said his deicision to embrace sobriety came about after the arrival of his son Ennio last year rather than during the creation of the band’s fourth album ‘Velociraptor!’

Asked about his decision to give up drugs, he said: “Those comments were taken out of context,” he said, referring to an interview in Q magazine. “I always write from home and I’ve just had a baby. I’m not going to be doing drugs around a little boy. There’s more at stake than music. When you’re getting up to do the milk in the morning, you don’t want to be out of your mind, do you?”

Pizzorno did, however, say he’s become more conscious of Kasabian’s legacy with each release.

He said: “It was after the second album (‘Empire’), when we were starting ‘West Ryder…’, that we thought about it seriously.”

“You know, what we were doing was amazing, and it worked and we sold records, people liked it, but do you just fuck it all up, or get to work and do something that makes people go ‘Wow’? That’s when people started to get us properly, and it was the most beautiful explosion ever.”

The Leicester band’s fourth album ‘Velociraptor!’ was released on Monday (September 19).

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