New York Police Department tell Kasabian to ‘turn the volume down’

Their show on top of a city skyscraper draws complaints from the authorities

The New York Police Department told Kasabian to twice turn the volume down during a recent gig in the city, “or else”.

Their show on Monday night (September 12), which was taking place on top of a skyscraper as part of New York Fashion Week, saw the band playing the 40th birthday party of high end clothing and accessories label Mulberry. Of the gig on the roof of the Skylight West building, Serge Pizzorno told The Sun:

The police came up twice to tell us to turn it down. The second time they didn’t look so happy. I think the owner turned it up.

Tom Meighan explained: “NYPD at a Kasabian gig? It was a first for us,” adding that had taken inspiration from their surroundings for their pre-show warm-up:

We played the Ghostbusters theme before we came on. Our hotel is just around the corner from where they had their HQ with the fireman’s pole. It was pretty big.

The Leicester band release their new album ‘Velociraptor!’ on Monday (September 19).