Kasabian’s next album to be inspired by Nirvana

Tom Meighan says band will make an 'old school grunge' record

Kasabian have said their next album will draw on Nirvana and Pink Floyd as influences.

The Leicester band who released third LP ‘West Rider Paper Lunatic Asylum’ earlier this year, are aiming for the follow-up to be out by autumn next year.

Sergio Pizzorno [songwriter, guitarist] has got a body of songs that are sounding great,” frontman Tom Meighan told BBC 6Music. “There’s one that sounds like Nirvana, which is really grungy, a big riff.”

He added that the album would be a step on from their last record.

“It’s nothing like what we’ve done on this record, it’s really old school grunge. There’s a lot of Pink Floyd, ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’, piano-based songs at the minute,” the singer explained, adding that they expect to turn it around fairly quickly.

“I think we’ll do it a bit quicker this time,” he explained. “We took a good three months off last time, because we toured for about four years and that’s the only reason we took that amount of time off, because we toured like crazy. I think this time we’ll have a few weeks off or a month off, then we’ll go into the studio and record the new record. Hopefully we won’t wait around so much this time.”

Meighan added that he would like to play next year’s Glastonbury festival, but thought his band would have to make way for some music legends.

“It Michael Eavis calls, you come. If you don’t, you don’t but I can see him getting really massive established bands like The Stones,” he suggested. “If it’s the 40th Anniversary I don’t think he’d pick us anyway to headline it. He’s going to pick established bands that have been around over 30 or 40 years.”