Kasabian, Foals, The Cribs and The Maccabees reveal their messiest band bust-ups – video

Bands brawl with the help of a few inanimate objects

Kasabian have joked about one of their worst intra-band bust-ups – which involved a bottle of Southern Comfort.

The band opened up about the scuffle as part of a video interview you can watch on the right and below.

Guitarist Serge Pizzorno said: “There was an incident involving a Southern Comfort bottle once.”

“Yeah I’m not going into it too much, its personal,” interjected frontman Tom Meighan. “But there was a lot of blood and there was a big fucking split on someone’s eye and it hurt a lot. Unfortunately it was me that got it in the fucking face.”

Foals singer Yannis Philippakis also admitted one of his band’s worst rows involved a kettle.

“Probably our worst bust-up was over [keyboardist] Edwyn [Congreave] putting the kettle onto the hob and melting it,” he said. “Our house reeked of burnt kettle for two weeks. It’s still a sore point.”

The Cribs, meanwhile, took a leaf out of Arsenal‘s book and threw pizzas at each other in their earlier days.

“Before Johnny [Marr] joined we’d have inter-band bust ups all the time over stuff that didn’t necessarily have anything to do with the band,” said guitarist Gary Jarman. “One time I threw a pizza at Ross [Jarman] because he was mocking me on the phone.”

On the subject of food The Maccabees looked to the nearest bottle of mayonnaise for ammunition in one incident.

Felix [White] once squirted mayonnaise on me so I punched him the face,” revealed singer Orlando Weeks.

“He did and he still brings it up all the time,” added the guitarist.

Delphic, meanwhile, stick to traditional body blows when it comes to messy bust-ups.

“We don’t often fight but James [Cook] our singer tends to take it one step too far at times, so I bloody clocked him once,” joked keyboardist Richard Boardman. “I don’t remember much but I gave him a black eye and he dislocated my thumb.”

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