Kasabian say Ed Sheeran winning a Brit Award would be ‘a victory for the squares’

The guitarist says there's no 'surrealists' or 'fantasy' in contemporary popular music

Kasabian‘s Serge Pizzorno has stated that the “squares” would be “winning” if the likes of Ed Sheeran won a Brit Award this year.

Speaking to The Sun recently, the guitarist said: “It’s a good time for squares. We’re going through a period where the squares are in charge. There’s no surrealists, there’s no fantasy in music. The squares are having their day. But I can foresee it coming to an end. There’s only so long people will take it before they get bored. There’s no danger any more. People aren’t offering anything exciting. The squares are winning.”

Despite recently expressing frustration at his band getting no nominations for this year’s awards, Pizzorno now claims that he’s happy not to be rubbing shoulders with those nominated.

“I don’t want us to be put in the same Best British Group category as Clean Bandit and One Direction,” Pizzorno said. “There’s way more politics behind this than people realise. There’s some strange names in there. I hope some of those people enjoy their night because it’s the only time they’ll be there.”

Pizzorno recently suggested that there is a “conspiracy” by the Brit awards to “shut rock’n’roll out.”

The band picked up no nominations for this year’s Brit Awards, despite releasing new album ’48:13′ in 2014 and headlining Glastonbury. Speaking about the snub, Pizzorno said he was frustrated that the band’s efforts had been ignored and expressed concern for the message it sends out to other bands like Kasabian.

The Brit Awards will take place in 2015 on February 25.

Kasabian lead the list of nominees at this evening’s NME Awards 2015 with Austin, Texas. They have eight nominations in total.