Kasabian guitarist has lucky escape from grenade blast

Builders find wartime explosive in Serge Pizzorno's back garden

Kasabian guitarist Serge Pizzorno had a lucky escape recently – after finding an unexploded wartime grenade in his back garden.

The entire street around the Leicester rocker’s new home in west London had to be evacuated after builders found the device.

The guitarist and his neighbours had a lucky escape though, as bomb disposal experts were called in and successfully diffused it.

Speaking to The Sun about his close call Pizzorno said: “All it could have taken was the vibrations from a kickabout in the garden or some loud music and we would have been blown to pieces in a pile of rubble and smoke.”

He then added: “I’m 27 as well and there’s a tradition of musicians meeting their end at my age. It’s all sorted now and we should be moving in there in a few weeks.”