Kasabian to snub festivals in 2009?

Band say they may give festivals a break until 2010

Kasabian have said that they may shun festivals next year, instead concentrating on their own tours.

The band said they were worried about boring fans by repeatedly playing the same events, and admitted that they aren’t too pleased about the living arrangements they have to contend with at the bashes.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat guitarist Serge Pizzorno said: “The problem [with festivals] is all the same bands play the same year. You get the same headliners, nothing really happens.

“We might not do any next year and wait until 2010. Then when we do turn up, everyone’s gonna be like, ‘Wow this is going to be special, this is going to be incredible’, rather than, ‘Oh it’s them again’. And again.”

Lead singer Tom Meighan added that he got bored easily at festivals, and would rather relax in a hotel.

“I don’t really enjoy it [festivals],” he said. “I don’t really like hanging around. If we’re playing it’s great, but the toilets, the portaloos, the whole situation’s horrible. Stick me in a hotel room or something, I’m alright.”

Pizzorno said the band had extensive touring plans for next year, despite their attitude towards festivals. “There’s gonna be a hell of a lot of noise,” he said, “it’ll be almost deafening. We’ll be banging on everyone’s door.”