Exclusive – watch Kasabian live

Special gig to be streamed only on NME.COM

Kasabian are set to play NME.COM’s tenth birthday party on September 12 – and you can see and hear the whole thing.

While you might not be able to get your hands on an exclusive invite for the KOKO bash, you’ll be able to tune in from your own computer.

Log on to NME.COM on September 12 and you’ll see live sets Walkman Breaking Bands winners, CSS and a special interactive gig from [a[Kasabian[/a].


You’ll be able to see and hear it all in broadband fullscreen glory with hi-fi stereo sound. Just like watching telly – only on your computer.

Plus NME.COM users will be able to influence Kasabian’s setlist by voting for their final song, and can additionally select which cameras to watch the party from.

Keep the evening free because even if you aren’t one of the lucky punters who gets in, you are still invited to join the party from your desktop.

For more details stay tuned to NME.COM.

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