Kasabian brand first album ‘sketchy nonsense’

Serge reckons 'Empire' is a monstrous leap

Kasabian guitarist Serge Pizzorno has declared the band’s forthcoming ‘Empire’ LP to be a “monstrous leap” from their first record.

The guitarist reckons the 11-track follow up to the band’s self titled debut stands up alongside legendary classic albums by The Who, Rolling Stones and Oasis.

He told this month’s Uncut magazine: “I’m not going to hide the fact that I think it’s absolutely fucking amazing. Noel Gallagher came down to the studio and even he was surprised by what a monstrous leap we’d made.”

Serge even went as far as describing their debut as “sketchy nonsense” compared with their second album.

He added: “This time we wanted to make a great British album. A classic album that’ll stand up beside the Stones, The Who, Oasis – anyone. Because the truth is nobody tries to make classic albums anymore.

Oasis‘Definitely Maybe’ was probably the last time a band captured that moment, a mood in British music. It’s almost as if bands don’t care about making that timeless classic. I really miss that.”

Pick up a copy of this month’s Uncut to get the full lowdown on ‘Empire’ in Serge‘s own words.

Meanwhile, the release date for the album has been brought forward to August 28 after it was originally slated to hit record stores nationwide on September 4.