The band talk about their ’Stunt Man’…

Kasabian have spoken out the new song which the band debuted at last weekend’s Glastonbury (June 25).

Inspired by the dare-devil Evel Knievel, the group have written a track called ‘The Stunt Man’ to honour the man who once famously jumped the Snake River Canyon on a motorbike.

Speaking to NME.COM, singer Tom Meighan said: “That guy’s a legend and Serge (Pizzorno – guitarist) wanted to pen a song about him, “the white of the eyes of a stunt man”, what they go through every day. Because a stunt man is like a replica of someone that puts themselves in danger and they’re always living life on the edge.”

He added: “They could die at any moment and I’ve seen the documentary on Evel Knievel and I thought it’d be cool to do something about him. “The eyes of a stunt man” is Evel Knievel living his life, on the edge. Bang. What a finish. There you are.”

Kasabian are set to support Oasis on their US tour, which kicks off at Vancouver’s General Motors Place on September 8.