Kasabian: ‘We’d love to work with Oasis’

The bands' love-in continues

Oasis and Kasabian have confirmed that they are planning to work together after getting on like a house on fire during their recent tour of the US.

The two bands wrapped up their Stateside trek on Monday (October 3) at Atlantic City‘s House Of Blues, and as previously reported have been discussing heading into Noel Gallagher‘s studio to collaborate on some songs.

Speaking to NME.COM about being the support band to Oasis, Kasabian singer Tom Meighan said: “They’ve been fucking absolute sweethearts. They’ve been darlings to us. They’ve got so much respect for us and it’s great, we’ve got so much respect for them.”


The frontman also revealed that he got on famously with Liam Gallagher saying: “I suppose we just buzz off each other. We’re like two bumblebees, man.”

The two bands gave each other sneak previews of their next albums whilst travelling on their tour buses, with Meighan explaining: “I’ve kind of sang it to them when I’m pissed up when I’m drunk, kind of shouted at them. I’ve heard some of Liam‘s new songs on his guitar and they’re fucking awesome. We’ve had some fun times man. He’s showed me some of his new stuff on his guitar and I’ve kind of shouted at him what our next record’s going to sound like.”

Speaking just before the end of the two bands US tour, Meighan reflected on how much he would miss being on the road with his new best pals.

“Well we all love what we do. We’re playing America man and it’s a great rock n roll show. It’ll be sad when we leave, when we break up on this tour because you’ll never get this again probably, but we’ve had a great fucking time.”


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