Kasabian take inspiration from ‘Dr Who’

The band reveal their second album to NME.COM

Kasabian have titled their second album ‘Empire’ – and say it sounds like “Marc Bolan smoking crack with ‘Dr Who‘”.

Scheduled for release on September 4, it was recorded after they returned from touring the US with Oasis in November last year. The Leicester five-piece spent four eventful weeks at Rockfield Studios in Wales putting the album together.

Singer Tom Meighan told NME: “We’ve gone from on the farm smoking shitloads of hash and coming up with a load of mashed up tunes, to this time being more ‘royal’, should I say? We’ve just took it to another level and raised the stakes.

“We fucking own it, we’re the fucking modernists now! We’re not trying to prove anything, we’ve just let our hair down and gone for it. It’s sexier than the first record. It’s naughtier too, it’s not as aggressive, it’s definitely naughty this time round.”

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