The band tackle ’Out Of Space’…

Kasabian will take on the Prodigy as part of their next single ’CUTT OFF’, which comes out on January 3.

A new version of the band’s live favourite will come backed by a cover of the Prodigy’s ‘Out Of Space’, which was recorded in Jo Whiley’s Live Lounge on Radio 1.

The mini-CD edition of ‘Cutt Off’ will include a demo version of new track ‘Beneficial Herbs’, while the enhanced CD features ‘Out Of Space’, a live version of ‘Processed Beats’ and the video for ‘Cutt Off’.

The 10″ posterbag (the last in a series of four) will comprise of another new track ‘Pan Am Slit Scan’ and a Mad Action remix of ‘Cutt Off’.