Kasabian cover Fatboy Slim at Reading and Leeds warm-up

The Leicester rockers get ready for the weekend at 02 Academy Brixton

Kasabian played a one-off show at London’s 02 Academy Brixton last night (August 20), warming up for their Reading and Leeds festival headline sets this weekend.

The Leicester quintet, who are headlining the event for the first time, also included a selection of covers, interspersing Fatboy Slim hit ‘Praise You’ and ‘Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime’ – originally sung by The Korgis and later covered by Beck – into a set that spanned their four records.

Entering to The Beatles’ ‘Because’, backed by a giant black and white banner displaying the artwork from ‘Velociraptor!’, the band were greeted by fervent cheers from the capacity crowd. Kicking into recent track ‘Days Are Forgotten’, Kasabian then tore through a number of fan-favourites including ‘Shoot The Runner’ backed by a brass section, ‘Velociraptor!’ and ‘Underdog’ – during which the crowd roared back the track word for word.


Following an extended outro of ‘Where Did All The Love Go?’, singer Tom Meighan briefly left the stage whilst the remaining members jammed a heavy, psych-tinged version of instrumental track ‘Swarfiga’ before returning to a trumpet solo of the theme from E.T. The band then continued pummelling through the set – opening ‘I.D.’ with an extended, dub-tinged section and Serge, dressed in a black and white skeleton-esque jacket, taking lead vocals on ‘Take Aim’ and the aforementioned Korgis cover.

First album favourite ‘Club Foot’, recent single ‘Rewired’ and ‘Empire’ incited some of the biggest crowd reactions of the night, with the latter provoking Meighan to exclaim “Brixton you are empire; fuck me you are so good it hurts”. The band then finished up the main portion of the set by segueing ‘Praise You’ into ‘LSF’, before returning for a hit-packed encore of ‘Switchblade Smiles’, ‘Vlad The Impaler’ – which saw the singer continuously doing monkey impressions throughout the track – and a final, closing ‘Fire’. Kasabian then united at the front of the stage to incredibly loud applause, before exiting whilst Meighan serenaded the crowd with The Beatles’ ‘She Loves You.’

Kasabian also recently spoke about their lack of inclusion in the London Olympic celebrations, claiming that they were glad they weren’t invited to perform. The band will headline Reading (Aug 25) and Leeds (26) festival this weekend.

Kasabian played:

‘Days Are Forgotten’
‘Shoot The Runner’
‘Where Did All The Love Go?’
‘Let’s Roll Just Like We Used To’
‘Take Aim’
‘Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime’
‘Club Foot’
‘Fast Fuse’
‘Man Of Simple Pleasures’
‘Praise You’
‘Switchblade Smiles’
‘Vlad The Impaler’