Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno claims that ‘guitar music feels way behind’

Guitarist says that rock music is currently behind other genres

Serge Pizzorno of Kasabian has said that he thinks rock music is being “left behind” as hip-hop and electronic music leads the charge.

The guitarist and song-writer spoke to The Daily Record about where he sees Kasabian’s position in the music world with Pizzorno stating that he hopes the band exist on their own, outside of any traditional scene.

“We’ve always occupied our own space,” he says. “For us, the dream scenario would be to not fit anywhere because then we can continue to make whatever we want. If you’re part of a scene, it makes it very difficult to manoeuvre.”

He continues: “Not comparing in any way, to be in a position like Beck, the Beastie Boys or Radiohead – these bands who can do whatever they want, their output can be whatever they like and they don’t rely on a formula – was always the aim. I feel we are in that position now and can go whichever way we want. We’ve never been afraid of risks and we’re not afraid of failure.”

Moving on to what he sees as rock music lagging behind other genres, Pizzorno then adds: “The guitar music scene feels way behind. There is some incredible electronic music and hip-hop, and rock music is being left behind. I’ve always been fascinated with electronic music, hip-hop and late ’60s rock ‘n’ roll. The electronic and hip-hop side of things has always been there underneath and this time it’s leading the charge more.”

The Leicester band will headline the In New Music We Trust stage at Radio 1’s One Big Weekend tomorrow (May 25). The event takes place between May 24-25 on Glasgow Green. The band also have a headline slot at Glastonbury to look forward to as well as a huge homecoming show at Leicester’s Victoria Park.

The band’s forthcoming fifth album, ’48:13′, is due for release on June 9. The LP is named for its running time, which is a total of 48 minutes and 13 seconds.

Kasabian will play:

Glasgow Green, Radio 1’s One Big Weekend (May 25)
Plymouth Pavilions (June 17)
Leicester Victoria Park (21)
Glastonbury festival (29)