Kasabian tell us about their huge homecoming show and next album: “The aim is to transcend”

“The last decade was just us waiting at the bus stop, now the bus has come. Let’s get on it and get on to the next decade.” 

Kasabian‘s Serge Pizzorno has said that the band’s upcoming homecoming show in Leicester next summer is going to be “legendary”, as well as teasing progress on the band’s next album.

Yesterday, the band announced that their only UK show of 2020 would see their return to Leicester’s Victoria Park on June 20 – six years since the band’s first appearance at the venue, when they played to 50,000 fans in 2014.

“This is our third time at Victoria Park,” Pizzorno told NME today of Solstice II. “As soon as we finished the first time, we were like, ‘We’ve got to do that again’. And it just came back around. The years fly by, and now it’s been six years. We did it right: disappear for a bit then just throw out a huge, huge gig. It just keeps everyone excited and keeps them on their toes.


“The legend of the last one means that anyone who came to it or knows about it is just going, ‘I can’t miss this one’.”

Asked if they receive a better reaction from a hometown crowd, Pizzorno replied: “No, I have to say we’ve been blessed. It doesn’t matter where we are; the following is strong and insane – whether that’s Buenos Aires, Leicester, Genoa or Glasgow. The atmosphere and the gathering that we create is always bedlam. I’ve seen other bands and that’s not always the case.”

The songwriter and guitarist also spoke highly of the support acts for the show, where they’ll be joined by special guests Sam Fender, Inhaler and Easy Life.

“With Sam Fender, I heard a few things a year ago and I instantly got his voice,” Pizzorno said. “He’s just got it. His personality comes across and there’s just a vibe and tone to him that hits you. He’s killing it right now and the crowd will be on his side. He seems like a good lad and I’m excited to have a beer with that boy.”


He continued: “Obviously Easy Life are Leicester boys so it was nice to do that for them and have them down. Inhaler are just coming through but it’s exciting to have them on that big old stage. They’ve dropped a few nice little bits so far. It’s going to be a good day.”

Turning his attention to the stage production on the day, Pizzorno promised “big ideas”.

“The aim is to transcend and the aim is to bring a huge amount of people together and bring them a moment,” he said. “It will be chaos and absolutely insane. You’ve done me here because I’m getting excited now!”

Of course, fans are also eager to hear Kasabian showcase new material at the gig next June. They’ve said that they’re already at work on their first new album since 2017’s ‘For Crying Out Loud‘ and said to be inspired by the more experimental nature of Pizzorno’s solo work  as The S.L.P.

But will the new material be as experimental as his recent solo work or back to trying to save guitar rock?

“A bit of both, actually,” he said. “We’ve trodden a lot of ground with the back catalogue of the band being quite varied and insane, which is beautiful. It was great to see the band from outer space and a different perspective with the solo thing, so I’ve got a very minimal view of what I want the music to be. That’s the approach I’m taking. I’m feeling loud guitars though, that’s for sure.”

Asked if frontman Tom Meighan had heard his sketches of new material yet, Pizzorno replied: “This is just early expeditions, mate. I’ve not ventured too far yet but I’m waking up and I’m in the mode. Unfortunately for the rest of my family and friends, then I’m recording for months and I’m just away. I’m Yogi Bear, hibernating for the winter.”

With a huge year being lined up for Kasabian, Pizzorno downplayed rumours that the band could appear at Glastonbury 2020 – which takes place just one week later than the Leicester gig. “It’s all about this one show and this special moment,” he said. “Anyone who came to the last one will vouch that there’s no other place to be. You can’t miss it.”

Overall, Pizzorno was amped up and raring to take Kasabian charging into the next decade.

“The last decade was just us waiting at the bus stop, now the bus has come,” he said. “Let’s get on it and get on to the next decade.”

Tickets to Solstice II are on sale from 9am on Friday October 25 and will be available here. The band will be joined by special guests Sam Fender, Inhaler and Easy Life.

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