Kasabian look back on the day that Tom Meighan ran over his own dad

"Afterwards I went, 'Dad, I'm sorry'. He just said 'son, you're a fucking dickhead'."

Kasabian have recalled the day that frontman Tom Meighan once accidentally ran over his dad, revealing that his father remained calm but called him ‘a dickhead’.

Back in 2014, Meighan – without a driving licence – pressed down on the accelerator instead of releasing the handbreak, hitting his father with the car and leading him to be hospitalised. He’d previously called it ‘the worst day of his life‘. Now despite the brief moment that Serge thought Tom had killed his father, the band are able to look back on it and laugh.

“Do you know what, he was quite calm about it,” Meighan told Q. “He called me a dickhead and that was it.

“Afterwards I went, ‘Dad, I’m sorry’. He just said ‘son, you’re a fucking dickhead’.”

Guitarist Serge Pizzorno added: “Obviously at the time it was horrendous, but it’s not until you get asked a question about it that you realise what a funny story it is. It’s going to be a good film when they tell our story, I tell you. I remember the day. Tom rang me – oh mate, it was the worst. There was a 20-minute gap between the first call and the second call.

“The first call still haunts me, just thinking about it. Tom was on another planet – he wasn’t making any sense. It was fucking horrendous.”

The band also shared a story about sharing an eight-hour flight with My Chemical Romance, shortly after slamming them in the press.