Kasabian: ‘Our new album is about saving guitar music from the abyss’

Pizzorno also hails Meighan as 'the realest fucking man there is'

Kasabian‘s Serge Pizzorno has again slammed the state of today’s guitar music – claiming that their new album will ‘save it from the abyss’.

The band are gearing up to release their new album later this year, which the guitarist and songwriter said was written as a ‘feel-good’ record as an antidote to the rest of the world’s troubles and the demons facing frontman Tom Meighan.

“Tom was really happy because it’s a feel-good album,” Pizzorno told Q Magazine. “It’s about saving guitar music from the the abyss! Because it’s gone. They’re great songs to sing, they were made for him, for that.”


Elsewhere in the interview, Meighan opened up about facing his own personal demons after he ‘made himself ill‘ during a ‘shit 2016’ – following a break-up and the death of a close friend. However, Pizzorno was keen to point out how he remains a great frontman and ‘the realest fucking man there is’.

“His heart is on his sleeve and he can get hurt, because he’s so open,” he said. “That’s why people relate to him. He can stand in front of a hundred thousand people and they come away feeling not so alone, they’ve connected with this man who can show them their pain and their euphoria. It’s powerful, do you know what I mean? We’re real. Especially Tom. He’s the realest fucking man there is. You can slag that off if you want but he’s more real than I’ll ever be.”

Speaking to NME, Serge elaborated on how the record would be more guitar-heavy.“Well, I fell in love with the guitar again. I was listening to ESG and Talking Heads and in that kind of world, then it just took on a life of its own. I just wanted to make a guitar record that was relevant and important. It’s been a while since that happened. We always react against our previous work. I did massively experimental synth work on the last record so I just looked at my Rickenbacker in the corner of the studio and thought ‘that’s what I’m gonna do’. I just started smashing tunes out on that.”

After the band confirmed that their new album was finished, last week saw the band tease their new music video starring The Mighty Boosh‘s Noel Fielding and This Is England‘s Stephen Graham.

This summer, the band will headline Reading & Leeds Festival, as well as Glasgow’s new TRNSMT Festival.



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