This Kasabian performance was so loud that it shattered a wine glass

Earplugs at the ready...

Kasabian may have just delivered their most deafening performance to date, after the force of the rock giants was enough to shatter a wine glass.

The moment came during last night’s inaugural Global Awards, where the ‘For Crying Out Loud’ stars picked up the award for ‘Best Indie’.

As they followed the honour with a performance of ‘Fire’, presenter Lilah Parsons recorded the moment that it caused a glass to shatter.


In the clip, the glass shatters at the very same moment as the song’s chorus, with the stem snapping clean from the glass.

You can watch the moment in question below.

Responding on Twitter, one user wrote: “Holy crap!”

Another hailed it as “absolutely class”.

Meanwhile, frontman Tom Meighan recently revealed that Kasabian are already hard at work on the follow up to their last album.


Speaking to NME in the winners’ room, Serge and Meighan confirmed that plans were in motion for the follow-up to their 2017 album ‘For Crying Out Loud’.

“I think Dr. Sergio is working on new songs,” Meighan revealed, with Serge adding: “I’m Dr. Dre – we’re going in with Dr. Dre. We’re gonna be OK… it’s going great.”