Listen to ‘Favourites’, the first solo single from Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno, featuring Little Simz

Get ready for The S.L.P.

Kasabian guitarist Serge Pizzorno has released ‘Favourites’, the Little Simz-featuring first single from his new solo project The S.L.P.

While fans of the band are currently awaiting the follow-up to 2017’s acclaimed ‘For Crying Out Loud‘, the guitarist sparked speculation that he was about to launch a solo project yesterday (May 13) as he posted a picture of himself all glittered up on the new account The S.L.P., while also tagging the Argentinian artist Aitor Throup. S.L.P. are the musician’s initials for his full name, Sergio Lorenzo Pizzorno.

Yesterday evening, Serge has announced that the first S.L.P. single will be called ‘Favourites’. The track features Little Simz and was released earlier tonight (May 14). The song sees Pizzorno singing, “Where do I fit into this?” over a building wall of sound. Simz comes in later, rapping: “Now I don’t know why I sweat it and I don’t know what to do/Now I’ve got to spend my evening talking shit to you.”  You can listen to it below now.


You can see the single’s artwork below, as well as a teaser clip for The S.L.P. project.

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Speaking to NME last summer about the next Kasabian album, Pizzorno said: “I’m just collecting and enjoying not having any plans at the moment. Just listening. Just seeing what’s out in the world. Sometimes it’s nice just to listen and not say anything. The world at the moment is a pretty slippery character, and everything is moving at a pace that’s never been seen before. I’m just enjoying getting back into listening to music.”

He added: “Back in the day I would dig for beats, now I sort of dig for hooks and ideas. I’ll flick through streams and think: ‘I like that 10 seconds’ and record it, and accumulate them, so now I have this library of things. It kind of explains the world at the moment, because it can go from 10 seconds of thrash metal to two minutes of a 1920s track with a banjo. I don’t really know what I’m collecting, but there’s always something in there that triggers the next move.”


This comes after Pizzorno launched his art exhibition called Daft Apeth. Staged at Noho Showrooms in London, Noel Fielding, The Libertines’ Carl Barat, radio host Lliana Bird, football icon and Kasabian fan Peter Crouch, model Abbey Clancy, Fearne Cotton, magician Dynamo, actress Noomi Rapace and former world boxing champion Naseem Hamed were all in attendance for the opening night.