Kasabian teaching you how to make tea is today’s essential viewing

"Don't panic. Let it brew."

Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan has been featured in a new video teaching you the perfect way to make a cup of tea.

In a new video with Radio X, the Leicester singer takes you through the full tea-making process with an in-depth and hilarious tutorial, from “add water to the kettle” to which milk you should use (green top, pasteurised, apparently).

Tom also has some pretty strong opinions on people who do not let the tea brew for long enough. “Don’t panic,” he says. “Let it brew. People make massive mistakes, pouring the milk in now and then taking the teabag out. It’s a big mistake.” He adds that the brewing time should be a moment of rest. “Everything’s calm. Don’t rush it. Leave it alone.”

When it comes time to add the sugar, Tom goes into his own tea habits. “It’s up to you if you take it or not. I always have two. Probably shouldn’t really, but what are you gonna do?”

But how you stir and tap the spoon against the mug at the end is important: “Always hit it hard.”


Earlier this month, members of Kasabian took part in the ‘Game 4 Grenfell’ charity football match to raise money for survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster. Among others, guitarist Serge Pizzorno was joined by Jarvis Cocker and Olly Murs on the pitch.