Kasabian urge fans to be vigilant after spate of phone thefts at gigs

"The memories on your phone are worth keeping safe."

Kasabian have urged their fans to remain vigilant at their forthcoming UK tour, after a spate of large-scale phone thefts at recent gigs.

Last week, a 22-year-old man was arrested at the Arena Birmingham after he was discovered with 53 stolen phones in his possession following a gig by Royal Blood. 

Now, Kasabian have warned fans of  “professional gangs” targeting fans and advised them to remain alert as they prepare for their tour to kick off tonight in Newcastle.

“You may have heard or read in the media about a spate of mobile phones thefts at music venues.. Professional gangs have been targeting unsuspecting members of the audience at numerous venues and stealing their mobile phones, the numbers taken have occasionally been significant”, they wrote.

“Please take good care of your personal items, especially your mobile phones and be aware of where they are at all times, keep them safe. If you notice any suspicious activity then please inform the venue security. The memories on your phone are worth keeping safe.”

As well as heading out on their UK tour across December, Kasabian previously teased that they may have something special up their sleeves for 2018 too.

“We’ve got some plans,” guitarist Serge Pizzorno previously told NME.

“We just to twist a few people’s arms and stuff. There’s always red tape, always someone saying ‘you can’t do that’, but we’ll figure something out.”

He added: “It’s just about making it interesting for people. We’ve been around a fair while, so we’ve played a lot of places. It’s [about] those events and choosing venues that don’t get played all the time or those cities. It’s to do with making it a unique event.”