KASMS kicked out of Kendal Calling after ‘damaging’ drumkit

Band escorted off festival site by security guards

KASMS were thrown out of the Kendal Calling festival on Sunday (August 2) by security guards after damaging the hired drumkit they were using for their show on the We Are Calling stage.

The band’s set, which had seen them play songs including ‘Taxidermy’ and ‘Bone You’, was brought to a halt when irate security guards reacted to frontwoman Rachel Mary Callaghan diving into the drumkit the band were using, which had been hired by the festival’s promoters.

The Dalston, east London outfit’s wristbands were removed by security, and they were escorted off the festival site.

Writing on their official blog at Kasms.blogspot.com, the band claimed that the damage was “inconsequential, a small scratch to the largest of the drums”.

Writing about the behaviour of the staff member in charge of the drumkit, the band wrote: “There was nothing that could be dome to tranquilize his anger; the man had become strangely attached to his hired kit.”

According to the band’s spokesperson higher authorities were called, but police were not required at the scene.

NME.COM‘s calls to festival organisers have yet to be returned.