Audience reacts to Kate Bush’s Before The Dawn comeback show

Theatricality impresses most, but omission of 'Wuthering Heights' upsets

Kate Bush debuted her Before The Dawn Show at London’s Hammersmith Apollo last night (August 26), receiving multiple standing ovations and gushing applause from the crowd. Read the report here.

We spoke to some members of the first night audience after the show to find out what they thought.

Cloud Miranda, 27, from Hertfordshire, was reduced to tears, but wishes she’d been allowed to dance at the front of the seated venue: “I’ve been crying the whole time. It was a spectacle, it’s so hard to digest what’s just happened, especially the last piece with the bird where she was dancing. We went down to the front to dance to ‘Cloudbusting’ because we just had to release ourselves, but we were told to go back to our seats. When she sings, I just want to get up and dance.”

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For Donna Jones, 32 from Swansea, the show provided something to look forward to through a recent illness. “I had cancer this year and this was my focus. We’ve listened to her since we were really young and we never thought we’d get to see her. She could have just been sat on a piano and done nothing else and it would have been great but the lighting and theatrics and projections were fantastic. And her son was involved as well. We cried at one point because her songs have been with us for so long.”

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Roman Grey, 28, of Essex, was impressed by the staging: “I thought it was very different, very interesting. Definitely very creative and something I’ve never seen before and I’ve been to quite a few shows. It was beautiful, very spiritual, very open minded. I loved the whole animal sequence thing and the drama of it all, the whole staging of it. I didn’t know what to expect – I wasn’t even around when she did her last tour, so what did I expect? She’s such a quirky and unusual character, and it’s a good thing because I like different.”

Amanda Skaarup, 22, from Denmark came with her dad, who saw Bush perform in 1979: “My dad told me a lot about it so I wasn’t surprised by how theatrical it was. To begin with I was actually like, ‘Is this it?’ I was waiting for something elaborate to happen – and it did. She didn’t pick my favourite songs. She should have played ‘Wuthering Heights’. I was sitting there like, I’m not happy! But my dad thought it was really, really good and he thinks it’s great that she always does what she wants. He said she didn’t play any material that she played at the other show.”

Mike Freeman, 50, London, was also left feeling he’d not heard his favourite songs: “I’m slightly disappointed she didn’t play more of the early stuff because as a 50-year-old man, that means a lot to me. On the scale of the show it was brilliant but I wish she’d ended on one or two more classic ones, ‘The Man With The Child In His Eyes’ or ‘Wuthering Heights’ or ‘This Woman’s Work’. I’m not grumbling though. I’ve waited 35 years and I was there on the first night so I can’t complain. I didn’t make it to see her in ’79 – my mum wouldn’t let me.”

Many people in the crowd had travelled from afar. Ushi Braun came especially from Munich: “It was definitely worth it. I’m a bit astonished how it was because I wasn’t expecting a musical but I really liked it. I was also a bit astonished how she looked, because I only know her how she was from pictures and videos back then and she didn’t look like beforetimes. But that doesn’t matter – her voice was wonderful. What I missed was it was not so rounded for me, it was in sections. I might have preferred it to be more like a normal concert: standing and dancing and everything.”