Jessie Ware on Kate Bush: ‘There’s nobody quite like her’

Ware rejected comparisons made between herself and Bush

Jessie Ware has spoken about the influence of Kate Bush on the sound of her upcoming album ‘Tough Love’.

Interviewed as part of a Kate Bush special hosted by DJ Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC Radio 6 this morning (August 24), Ware discussed the ‘Wuthering Heights’ singer’s influence on her recent work, but rejected any further comparisons that have been made between the two artists.

“It’s a massive compliment to be compared to her. I don’t think I’m anything like Kate Bush. I mean, I just… I’m not there yet. She inspires me. I love the femininity in her voice and the way she uses it but I don’t really see how I’m like her. But there’s definitely been influence from Kate in some of the more high-registered stuff for this album [‘Tough Love’]. I definitely think on this album I’ve been like, “Let’s make it a bit more Kate”.

She continued, “I just think the way she puts across a song with such emotion and feeling, there’s nobody quite like her”.

Ware also spoke of her excitement to see Bush live in concert. The 56-year-old will play 15 shows at London’s Hammersmith Apollo in August and September, beginning on Tuesday night (August 26). Bush has not toured since 1979.

“I’ve got my ticket,” affirmed Ware. “I had to kind of find a way to get it and I’m so excited. I also love ’50 Words for Snow’, the last album. It was very beautiful. I’m very intrigued as to what she’s going to do, I think. Who knows what the show will be like but it will be brilliant to have her singing these songs to us.”

Kate’s older brother John Carder Bush also appeared on the programme, describing his sister as his “companionable little friend”. John has provided vocals on several of her tracks, including ‘Army Dreamers’ and ‘Jig Of Life’.