Kate Bush set to release new material this year

Spokesperson says a relese should be expected, but maybe not a full album

Kate Bush is likely to release new material in 2011, her spokesperson has told NME.

The news comes after unsubstantiated reports about a new release from the fame-shunning musician recently surfaced on music blog Wotyougot.com.

Speaking in reaction to that report, Bush‘s spokesperson said a release from her is likely for 2011, although nothing is confirmed yet. They added that the new music from Bush would not necessarily mean a full-length follow-up to her last album 2005’s ‘Aerial’, was on the way.


In 2007 Bush released a new song, ‘Lyra’. It was used on the closing credits of the film ‘The Golden Compass’.

After the birth of her son Albert in 1998 Bush decided to step away from singing in public. Prior to ‘Aerial’, her last album was 1993’s ‘The Red Shoes’.