Kate Bush confirms new album tracklisting

Her eighth album will be a double

The tracklisting for Kate Bush’s new album has been confirmed.

‘Aerial’, Bush‘s eighth studio album and first release since 1993, will be released on November 7. It is preceded by the single ‘King of the Mountain’ on October 24.

The album is split into two discs, which feature the following songs:


Disc 1: ‘A Sea of Honey’

1. ‘King of the Mountain’

2. ‘ð’

3. ‘Bertie’

4. ‘Mrs. Bartolozzi’

5. ‘How to be Invisible’


6. ‘Joanni’

7. ‘A Coral Room’

Disc 2: ‘A Sky of Honey’

1. ‘Prelude’

2. ‘Prologue’

3. ‘An Architect’s Dream’

4. ‘The Painter’s Link’

5. ‘Sunset’

6. ‘Aerial Tal’

7. ‘Somewhere in Between’

8. ‘Nocturn’

9. ‘Aerial’