Kate Bush in trouble with local council

Security at her mansion is too intrusive say neighbours

The security system in Kate Bush’s clifftop mansion in Devon has led to local residents lodging formal complaints with the local council.

High security fencing, electronic entry systems, warning signs, bright spotlights and the installation of CCTV cameras around the mansion have led to the matter being put on the agenda at the next parish council meeting today (May 8).

Chairman David Hampden-Smith confirmed that local people were also concerned that Bush plans to divert two public footpaths that provide views of her 17-acre property.


An unnamed councillor said: “I’m afraid the coast path and the beach were there long before Kate Bush and I’m fairly confident they’ll still be in the same place with the same unhindered access long after she’s gone.”

Bush bought the £2.5 million mansion in 2004, and its picturesque setting is thought to have provided the inspiration for Bush’s 2005 album ’Ariel’, reports the Mail On Sunday.