Kate Bush breaks her silence

She says that her first album in over a decade nearly killed her

Kate Bush will speak in her first broadcast interview for more than 12 years this Friday (November 4).

The singer, who has been absent from the music scene in recent years, will break her silence in a special interview on BBC Radio 4‘s Front Row at 7.15pm.

She talks openly about avoiding the media, her frustration at completing her first album – Aerial – in more than 10 years and motherhood.


Bush tells John Wilson: “I’m very opinionated. I’m horrible to work with; I’m so fussy and picky. What’s good is that I know what I want. It’s when you don’t know what you want that you’re in trouble.

“There were so many times I thought I wasn’t going to have the energy to see it (the album) through. I knew I couldn’t go on any longer or it would have killed me. I was so fed up making it.”

The reclusive artist reveals that she was only able to make a new album, her first since ‘The Red Shoes’ in 1993, because she has a studio at home and it was still a struggle to juggle the demands of music and motherhood.

She added: “I wanted to give as much time as I could to my son. I love being with him, he’s a lovely little boy and he won’t be little for very long. I felt my work could wait whereas his growing up couldn’t.”

On being a recluse she went on: “I am a private person, but I don’t think I’m obsessively so. It’s more that I choose to try and have a normal a life as possible. I don’t like to live in a glare of publicity.

“My creative process was very time consuming and comes from a very quiet place… people seem to find that weird and strange, but its common sense really.”


Her whole album, ‘Aerial’ is available on NME.COM for you to hear, now.